Our customers have been telling us for years how much they love the 
John Pike Palette! 

Here are some of the stories they have shared:

"I accidentally put my JP palette to the ultimate test yesterday. I had been out painting, and I like my paints real wet and sloppy, so we are talking about a full palette of very wet watercolors, not dried up paint.

"While loading up, I set the palette on the roof of the car and totally forgot it. I drove off with the palette on the roof and was startled about fifteen minutes later to hear a bump and look back to see the palette sailing through the air right into the middle of a busy intersection. While I found a parking place and went back to try to retrieve it, it was thoroughly kicked around by the traffic. I was pretty sure it was going to be little pieces of water-color coated plastic kindling by the time I got to it.

"Here's the kicker. Not only was it not destroyed, it didn't even leak. Not one drop. It didn't leak from one well to the next. Plucked it from the middle of the road, tossed it in the car, scratched but otherwise, clean as a whistle. Got home, opened it, cleaned up a little paint in the pallete area and was ready to paint.

"Now that's a palette! Amazing. Don't change a thing."

Beth M.

Seattle, WA

"Just thought I should let you know how wonderful your watercolor palette really is! I'm an art student in Sarasota, Florida. After leaving my watercolor class on Monday I went to my car to load all my supplies in the trunk. With hands full and fumbling for my keys, I put my palette on the hood of the car. I drove off and a few minutes later heard a clanking noise. I immediately remembered leaving the palette on my car roof. I was on a major road with lots of traffic, but saw it in the middle of the road through my rear view mirror. I thought it was a hopeless case, but made a U-turn in hopes of retrieving it. I pulled off the side of the road and watched it fly all over the place, having been hit by many cars and small trucks (maybe 20-30). When traffic finally died down I was able to run in the road to retrieve it. I was so amazed to find to find it completely intact - no cracks - only black rubber tire marks!!!! I was so grateful not only to have saved my paints and palette, but also not to have created an accident, as it could have easily slammed into someone's windshield, cracked open, and splattered paint all over the place. HAVE A GREAT DAY!"

Colleen G.

Sarasota, FL

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